Our organization buys and sells real estate across the southwestern United States. Our areas of focus include Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico and Texas. While our core property holdings are mainly vacant land, we also engage in lot improvement and managing our own portfolio of value added properties to enhance our offerings and services in the industry.


Our Latest Property Listing Resource

In 2016, Fernandes Properties launched its newest website, Azlandsales.co™. This site is dedicated to showcase our properties and those of sellers looking to list their land. With this service, we decided not to charge for listings, but rather create a wide audience to sell properties and monetize on the small ads we place on various pages. The result has been our ability to create a new venue for sellers without the hassle of fees and more overhead costs for selling property across the southwestern United States.

Please visit our website to view our latest property offerings and those of other sellers. We have cash deals, seller financing and some trading which makes for an interesting mix of affordable property at great prices. As real estate prices begin to rise, we most likely won’t see deals like these ever again. Now is the time to buy land or property while the prices are low and the market has plenty to sell.


Future Services

We plan to launch a new website that focuses on tax liens in those states we work within. One of the greatest aspects of this new site will be the tools provided to users. Most websites want to charge astronomical amounts for this information that you can find easily online. With us, we provide this free of charge so you can learn how tax liens work without breaking the bank. We hope to launch updates by early 2017.