Our property development service is primarily focused towards developments that incorporate needed values and services, while becoming contributing members to the communities in which we work. It is our goal when approaching any project, to consider the community members and their stake as the heartbeat of these areas. Often times great opportunities are missed by big developers looking at land with no consideration of the potential, positive impact it creates on the local community. 

Our Approach

We take on developments as consultants, project leads, and sometimes even as partners. We work with individual property owners, corporate owners, and even financial institutions. When we look at a project, we take into account the following variables:

  • Location
  • Accessibility
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Need
  • Overall impact

We bring years of real estate behind us in working towards helping create an opportunity where none exists. As leaders, we are fully committed to our clients and projects, from start to finish.


What We Do

Our developments encompass all the following services:

  • Project Development Management services
  • Survey, mapping, and subdivision
  • Property development concepts/planning
  • Permitting, zoning, and architectural design
  • Management company development
  • CC&R/HOA development and management



Rural Initiatives

One of the greatest challenges in any project is the community. When change occurs, some worry about the future of the place they call home. Our company recognizes this and we have developed a new approach we call Rural Initiative. The basis for our Rural Initiative is understand community needs, rather than our wants as a priority. The goal is finding those needs which provide value for us and the community in its implementation. It enables us to locate outside resources we can use and make our own investments as well.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Affordable/low income housing
  • Distressed properties
  • Tax lien properties
  • Historic preservation
  • Community planning

If you would like to learn more about our rural initiative, click here on Rural Initiative.