At Fernandes Properties LLC, we are dedicated to maintaining a diverse portfolio of holdings and IP that helps enhance our organizational objectives and vision. We have been at the forefront for some great new enterprises, taking a hands-on approach to corporate development and operational objectives.
™ was a website dedicated to property listings for Fernandes Properties LLC. In 2018, the website was closed and redirected traffic to our new and latest property portal,™.

Azureient Corporation is a holding company which is majority owned by Fernandes Properties LLC. Azureient acquires, develops, and manages companies across diversified industries, including startups.™ was acquired by Fernandes Properties as a replacement for the legacy website. As the company expanded its holdings range to nationwide, the new website also invites FSBO listings for property owners.

Haakeng Corporation Limited is a UK based holdings group, specializing in media/advertisement, BPO, and enterprise technology sectors in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The company has recently undergone reorgnaization and redevelopment. 

Haakeng Solutions LLC is a enterprise technology firm located in Arizona. The company is currently seeking to build a large, scaled data center in NE Arizona. The company also provides technology development for buisnesses. The firm is owned directly by Fernandes Properties LLC.

Kohala Enterprises Ltd was founded in 2015 as a real estate development company for projects of Fernandes Properties LLC in Hawaii. In 2018, the company was reorganized into a hospitality and commercial real estate holding and operations company. Under this new structure, Kohala Enterprises will begin working on raising capital and investments into various projects across the islands.

Kohala Investment Services LP is a joint venture between Fernandes Properties LLC and Kohala Enterprises Ltd. The company manages the investors of the companies, handling annual reports, financial investments, facilitating deals and closings, as well as investor concierge services.

QQG LP was founded in 2015 as a logistics firm. The company has taken a new direction to expand into warehouse leasing and management for customers moving goods across the US. There are plans to construct a facility in Navajo County Arizona.