Fernandes Properties, LLC is an Arizona company founded in 2012 by owner and Chief Executive Member Christopher Fernandes.

Mr. Fernandes brings with over 16 years in real estate knowledge & experience across many states in the US. He was a real estate agent in Florida in 2010. He has experience in various sectors of real estate including foreclosures, tax liens and land use. Mr. Fernandes has also taken part in several nonprofit organizations, in different positions. Among these include American Tribute to Historical Heritage and Concho CAN. In addition, his skills include corporate development, human resources, training, communications and more.

In 2015, our company embarked on a new approach and expand operations beyond real estate. This move has brought us into new and innovative businesses model with small scale property development and subsidiaries to carry out various functions that enhance our organizational services and industry reach. It is our goal that through the expansion of these services, we can create a diversified organization which can keep relevant as business and industry needs change in the 21st century.


Our Subsidiaries & Business Units

We operate our properties on individual needs and maintain a commitment of excellence in our quality properties and services. We develop and co-develop companies, as well as franchisee relations with top brand companies to carry and exceed their expectations. Fernandes Properties is the parent company of Kohala Enterprises Ltd, and Haakeng Corporation Limited (UK). We also are partners in Kohala Investment Services LP and Qian Qiang Group LP.

Our new and growing website business units include Azlandsales.co™, Microstartup.co™ and a few travel sites and community websites in Arizona and Hawaii.

To learn more about our expanded industries, click on the company logo to be taken to their website and learn more about these great companies. More of our portfolio can be seen on our “Portfolio” page as well.                                     



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