™ joins Fernandes Properties™ was just launched last week in a soft open. The website is the latest acquisition by Fernandes Properties LLC, which features the company’s real estate holdings for sale, as well as enable end users to post their own properties for a fee. This move comes just a week after the company decided to close™, which was previously used to list the company’s disposed assets. 

“The idea behind the conversion was to include more areas, rather than a single geographic location” says CEO CJ Fernandes. He continues “We didn’t want to pigeon hold end users to just Arizona. With™, we can now expand across the United States, and maybe enventually the world, in bringing together buyers and sellers of properties looking for amazing deals on primarily vacant land.”

Visitors to will be redirected to Cheaplandstore after viewing a splash screen stating the news. The company is unsure of any future plans for the website, but will analyze the traffic to before taking further actions.


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